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UPSAHL, the Indie Pop sensation who graduated high school just last year, is dropping her newest single, “Rough.”  


Co-written and produced by both Tim Pagnotta (Saint Motel, Robert DeLong, St. Lucia) and Brian Phillips, “Rough” showcases UPSAHL’s stunning vocals and is a delightfully catchy three-minute nod to female badassery.  


“Life is never that rough if you’re able to breathe and laugh and be with the person you love,” proclaims UPSAHL.  “But, I wanted to take that idea to the next level with this song. I wanted to remind others to know their worth, and know how they deserve to be treated.”


UPSAHL is riding high after the release of her highly acclaimed breakout singles, “Can You Hear Me Now” and "Kiss Me Now.” Nylon called “Can You Hear Me Now“ a girl-power anthem you’ll want to play on repeat all summer long.” “Kiss Me Now” seamlessly blends elements of Indie Rock, Pop, and Electronica. Both tracks were produced by Max Frost.


Born into a musical family in Phoenix, AZ, UPSAHL started playing both guitar and piano at the age of 5. By the time she was 14, UPSAHL had written and released a self-titled EP, which gained much-deserved recognition throughout the Phoenix music scene. She’s a graduate of the Arizona School for the Arts, a performing arts school that strives to foster a culture of creators and leaders and is a local darling for national touring acts, having recently played the McDowell Mountain Music Festival, opening for The Shins, Beck, and Flume.

Now, UPSAHL spends most of her time in Los Angeles where she’s been living since the beginning of 2018, working on music with a wide range of songwriters and producers.

“Since moving to Los Angeles, I've met so many insanely talented collaborators, and just being in this kind of environment has been really inspiring,” affirms UPSAHL. “ I feel like I've grown so much as an artist in the past few months, and I'm putting everything I have into releasing music and videos that represents me and where I'm at in my life. I'm just enjoying being young and being able to create whatever I want every day, so I want my music to make people feel that carefree and badass.”




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#1 on HYPE MACHINE Charts (FEBRUARY 2018)

Consequence of sound:

A confident, doe-eyed paean to the anticipation of a first kiss from a talented artist just months out of high school.


So uhhh.. the guitar line on this song was recorded in a bathroom. I mean I guess that's not surprising given that inspiration can strike anywhere -- but Upsahl stuck with the original recording. Which is perhaps what gives it its cool alt-rock-pop vibe.


This grunge-like track that UPSAHL has embodied gives us pure girl power vibes and we can’t wait to see what else she’s got in-store.

YABYUM Music + Arts: 

UPSAHL takes a sassy and assertive role on this single while Max Frost’s production keeps things playful by adding more bounce than bite.

High clouds: 

Men are not expected to pay the bill anymore, girls can do the first move, and UPSAHL knows that: in “Kiss Me Now”, she recalls that feeling on waiting for the other person to do the first move and thinking “ok fuck it, I’m doing it”.

aT cost magazine

A brimming, exuberant track, it’s a single that makes light of the situation, played to the honest charm of UPSAHL’s storytelling prose

Hella catchy
Indietronica 2017