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#1 on HYPE MACHINE Charts (FEBRUARY 2018)

Consequence of sound:

A confident, doe-eyed paean to the anticipation of a first kiss from a talented artist just months out of high school.


So uhhh.. the guitar line on this song was recorded in a bathroom. I mean I guess that's not surprising given that inspiration can strike anywhere -- but Upsahl stuck with the original recording. Which is perhaps what gives it its cool alt-rock-pop vibe.


This grunge-like track that UPSAHL has embodied gives us pure girl power vibes and we can’t wait to see what else she’s got in-store.

YABYUM Music + Arts: 

UPSAHL takes a sassy and assertive role on this single while Max Frost’s production keeps things playful by adding more bounce than bite.

High clouds: 

Men are not expected to pay the bill anymore, girls can do the first move, and UPSAHL knows that: in “Kiss Me Now”, she recalls that feeling on waiting for the other person to do the first move and thinking “ok fuck it, I’m doing it”.

aT cost magazine

A brimming, exuberant track, it’s a single that makes light of the situation, played to the honest charm of UPSAHL’s storytelling prose

Hella catchy
Indietronica 2017