Phoenix's newcomer UPSAHL tells women not to settle on the jangly "Can You Hear Me Now"



Billed as an artist who will appeal to fans of singer/songwriters such as Feist and Regina Spektor, Upsahl debuts the jangly indie-pop of fresh single “Can You Hear Me Now”.

With layers of backing vocals and upbeat finger-clicks, “Can You Hear Me Now” is a promising introduction to the Phoenix singer, currently fresh out of high school and planning to relocate to Los Angeles. Her rich, radio-ready vocal belies her 18 years of age, whilst her knack for a catchy, summery chorus is immediately evident.

“It’s a message to someone on the other end of a failing relationship,” Upsahlexplains of the meaning behind the track, lamenting the all-too-common situation of women settling for second best in their romantic lives. “It’s the kind of relationship that has been dysfunctional for a long period of time to the point where one person decides it isn’t worth the stress, time, or energy anymore. I’ve watched so many women in my life stay in a relationship that they obviously aren’t happy in. They settle for a partner that doesn’t appreciate them or make them feel like the badasses they are.”